If you do not know me yet: Volker Heupel – freelance graphic designer and web designer with a passion for design and typography, new techniques and digital media, photography, music and film. Always curious about the world online and offline.

I am efficient, ambitious and always ready to go one step further for you than necessary. All that mixed up is: vh-crossmedia


If you do not know me yet: Volker Heupel – freelance graphic designer and web designer with a passion for design and typography, new techniques and digital media, photography, music and film. Always curious about the world online and offline.

vh-crossmedia | Volker Heupel – Ihr Grafikdesigner in der Eifel

I am efficient, ambitious and always ready to go one step further for you than necessary.All that mixed up is: vh-crossmedia

Your web designer in the Eifel

On the one hand I design and realize simple and on the other hand elaborate design projects. For example, from the business card as well as to the label. In any case, from the logo to the corporate design.

From Aachen to Trier and Koblenz and from Düren to Bonn. In Adenau, Bad Münstereifel, Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Bitburg, Daun, Gerolstein, Heimbach, Hillesheim, Kaisersesch, Kyllburg and Manderscheid. Also in Mayen, Mechernich, Mendig, Monschau, Münstermaifeld, Neuerburg, Nideggen, Polch, Prüm, Schleiden, Stolberg, Ulmen, Wittlich, Dusseldorf, Euskirchen and Cologne and Zülpich.

With the help of my network you will receive from me the complete range of services of a full-service agency. Incidentally, this is the experience of a successful teamwork over many years. In this way, you benefit from a professional and efficient realization of your wishes. Therefore, without having to co-finance an administrative apparatus.

As flexible as I am depending on the production side to the side. Regardless of whether you also use a low-cost online print service. Or hire a local printer later. It does not matter if you work with specialized companies, i. Manufacturers and companies from the advertising industry want to work together. In any case, I realize graphic projects that perfectly represent your personality and your company.

Graphic Design and Web Design from the Eifel – vh-crossmedia | advertising agency

For example, I create a professional homepage for you.

So that your visitors not only like to come back, but as a result become customers too! It is therefore easy to use. Furthermore, a clean technical implementation and nonetheless the harmonious interaction of content and function. For a professional appearance on the Internet your website should be optimized for presentation on different devices. In other words Responsive Design! A flexible layout that provides optimal usability for any screen size. In any case, I use CMS WordPress for this. On top of that, the content itself can be edited, deleted or added to.

But not only the technical requirements have developed in the meantime. The expectations have become different accordingly. Search engines have finally gained influence. You have thus changed the online communication. Especially for medium-sized companies, it is even more important to keep the connection. That’s why planning your website today is more important than ever.

SUCCESSFUL WEB DESIGN by graphic artist Volker Heupel

In order to provide you with comprehensive advice, I work with a team of freelancers and partners. Together with you, for example, we design your website. First, we develop a design that optimally complements the content, secondly, keeps an eye on your target group and, thirdly, raises your profile.

We support you with the copywriting and keep the overview. Afterwards you have the choice whether you operate your website on your own. Or, on the other hand, agree on a maintenance contract with me.

Versatility instead of monotony: as a graphic designer and web designer.

Work samples or references, in the area of ​​graphic design.

Are you looking for a reliable partner? For example, to create a unique look for your business? Or further to creatively implement your advertising concepts? Last but not least to present projects professionally? Or at least to go new ways in visual communication? Then you have found him now!
That I’m just the thing for you, you can just believe me so. You can also rely on the experience of my customers. Or you can also look over my shoulder at work. After all, real work of persuasion above all makes the results of my work. You will then find a small selection from the field of graphic design. In order to demonstrate to you the range of my work. Further information about my range of services can be found under Services.

Professional web design that also convinces and invites

Especially in the field of online communication, there is no second chance for the first impression! Because in the first ten seconds decides whether a user on your website on the one hand remains or on the other hand jumps off.

Attractive and user-friendly!

Short loading times, a clear structure, attractive content! Then cleverly placed surprise moments that make you curious without irritating. Your bottom line will turn your homepage into a real eye-catcher. This perfect mix requires more creativity, experience and, finally, technical know-how.

For the past ten years now I have been working as a web designer for customers throughout Germany. I definitely offer affordable websites. Accordingly, thought-out solutions for complex topics and digital design made to measure. In short, implemented quickly and competently.

Your personal logo from an advertising agency

Whether you’re starting a business, developing a brand, or wanting to refresh your design. A successful logo definitely brings the core of your company to the point. It also shows who you are at a glance.

Unique and concise!

Your logo should be timeless at first, secondly functional and thirdly reduced. On the one hand, it should show a clear relationship to the industry. On the other hand, it should have high recognition value. But above all, it should fit you perfectly! After all, it’s your trademark!

With suitable illustrations and graphics I round off the appearance. For example, I make sure that your logo leaves a consistent impression in every format and everywhere.

Business papers that make a good impression!

The business card is the personal impression that a company makes on its customers. Business papers show your competence or your trustworthiness.

Uniform but flexible! Your advertising agency vh-crossmedia

Nowhere else is a coherent design as elemental as your office equipment. It definitely has to give you the best possible support in all processes, and it also has to be seamlessly integrated into your work. They are accordingly your daily used hand tool! That’s why they should not just be appropriately designed. Last but not least, they should also be functional, well thought out and optimally tailored to your requirements. My implementation therefore successfully supports your company communication.

Communication with sense and reason.

Regardless of whether you are designing a meaningful brochure or creating a detailed catalog, for example. Whether you want to write a magazine or an official report. I bring what you have to say or show, not only perfect in shape, but also think along.

My strengths for your project!

Experience and attention to detail characterize my way of working. They also meet high standards. On request, I support you in finding a printing company, for example. I also advise you on the choice of papers. I continue to accompany the production and take care of your project until the last step. With my support you present your offer consequently clear, appealing and professional.

Flyers and leaflets, the underrated all-rounder.

Flyers and leaflets are real classics. Nonetheless, today they are one of the most versatile and innovative printing products ever.

Handy and informative!

Whether fast and cheap as well as noble and luxurious. On the one hand factually or on the other hand extraordinary. For every requirement a suitable solution can be developed later.

Attractive ads, for more attention and response.

Benefit from the many possibilities of classic advertising. Turn on correspondingly professionally created ads with pinpoint accuracy or in newspapers, magazines or magazines. Find new employees through job advertisements that nonetheless stand out positively from the applications of your competitors. Or put on PR ads with original fonts on top of that. Whichever genre you decide on finally. The success of your campaign depends significantly on the design.

Every millimeter counts!

Talk to me if you are also interested in redesigning your ads! Reliable, fast and timely I design your ads and banners.

Get big with big formats.

At trade fairs, events and, moreover, in the sales room, roll-ups are the ideal advertising medium. You are nonetheless a carrier of targeted messages.

Large-scale possibilities!

By the way, as a designer, it is a great pleasure to have so much freedom at my disposal. I bring the most important elements to the right point for you. Thus, everything essential is captured at first glance, so that the attention is still directed to your product, your event or your motive.

Modern advertising technology as eye-catcher and on the go.

Show who you are in the beginning. Be sure to clarify where you stand. Incidentally, modern advertising technology can do far more than just decorate the area!

Groundbreaking and weatherproof!

Here you will find everything to make your company visible. Company and practice signs, also shop window and vehicle lettering and information signs. Stay in the field of view of your target group alongside. Staying Soie always one moment ahead of your competitors.

Your advertising in focus, your ideas well packaged.

Whether it’s packaging or presenting your products at the point of sale. Present your brand message on the shelf, on the counter and in the hands of your customers. In the shop window with vision from afar, make sure you get the first purchase impulse. Your product is definitely in the foreground and the communication with the target group succeeds.

Leave a good impression!

And to present your products in an appealing way, design and functionality are inseparable. A matching window dressing is a marketing tool with unbeatable advantages. Timeless decorations such as deco banner, cube sets, mobiles and stands are supplemented by your wishes based on an individual concept.

Irresistible giveaways for your customers!

Small gifts receive the friendship. Especially if they are stylish, harmonious and useful. Hands-on touches, trial and error bring your business directly into the minds and hearts of your customers, colleagues and business partners. They strengthen your brand awareness and are therefore a tangible expression of your appreciation.

Graphic Design and Web Design | advertising agency



Ease of use, a clean technical implementation and the harmonious interaction of content and function are among the key quality criteria necessary to successfully invite those visitors to come back and to become customers. For a professional appearance on today’s Internet, your website must be optimized for presentation on a variety of devices. The key words here are Responsive Design, a flexible layout that offers optimal usability for every screen size. I use CMS WordPress for this so you can conveniently edit and supplement your own content (text, photos, etc.) and, after a brief introduction, you can easily make your own additions, substitutions and deletions.

Not only have the technical requirements evolved over the past few years, expectations and interaction patterns have become different, as well. Search engines and social media platforms have gained influence and have changed online communication. Especially for medium-sized companies, it is important to keep in touch with their own target group, without getting bogged down in short-lived trends or investing in channels that only increase the effort, but not the sales. That’s why strategic and structural planning of your website is more important than ever.

Grafikdesign und Webdesign – vh-crossmedia | Volker Heupel


In order to provide you with comprehensive and competent advice on the direction of your Internet presence, I work with a well-established team of freelancers and talented partners. Working with you, we will design a website based on your own personal requirements profile and develop a contemporary design that optimally complements the content, keeps your target group in view and sharpens your profile.

We will support you during the creation process and keep track until the last detail has found its place. Later, after a short introduction, you can choose whether to operate your website on your own or whether you would like to arrange a service and maintenance contract tailored to fit your needs.

vh-crossmedia and flextorat

Our collaboration is perfectly coordinated, clearly structured and accomplishes creative results that complement each other ideally in form, content and function.



There is no second chance for the first impression! This is especially true in the field of online communication, where users decide in less than ten seconds whether to stay or jump off.

Attractive and user-friendly

Fast loading times and a clear structure aren’t enough to make an attractive and user-friendly site. Appealing content and cleverly placed surprise moments that pique your curiosity without being annoying or irritating you will make your Internet presence a real eye-catcher. Creativity, experience and technical know-how are needed for this perfect mix.

For over ten years now, I have been a web designer for customers all over Germany offering affordable internet sites, sophisticated online solutions for complex topics and digital design made to measure – quickly and competently implemented.

Interested in a new website?

Portfolio and References of web design:

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vh-crossmedia | Volker Heupel – Grafikdesigner und Webdesigner in Zülpich und Euskirchen – Grafikdesign und Webdesign in der Eifel

Here you see only the end result of my achievements, but you may find it also interesting to see the steps for a design development or before-and-after examples. For the visualization of individual web design project phases, I would like to give you further information in personal contact!

You have individual wishes in the field of graphic design? I’m here for you:
Ask for a completely non-binding offer – a quick response is guaranteed!